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Scottish Widows Complaint: PO-14071

Involving fraudulent evasion of pension encashment by SW, and its brazen cover up by TPO

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This page presents lists giving all events associated with the case, with links to documents and details.

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This page presents two chronological lists of the main events of the case, with summary information and links. These reference all relevant correspondence, plus all event details in the Details (SW) and Details (TPO) pages.

The need to present two chronologically-ordered lists arises from the extreme delays resulting from Scottish Widows' use of post. Thus the sequence of events as seen from my side as the recipient of this post is quite different from the sequence of events from their side as sender. Only by viewing the sequence of events from both sides can one obtain a complete picture.

The first list contains the complete significant correspondence, both with Scottish Widows and with other parties, in chronological order of the dates on which I received it (my side). The second list contains relevant correspondence with Scottish Widows (only), in chronological order of the dates on which the documents were sent (their side).

The following colour coding is used for descriptions: letter | telephone/fax | .

Events involving Scottish Widows and Other Parties (My Side)

The date in the first column is that on which I sent or received the document(s), and provides a link to further details. For events involving Scottish Widows, this link is to the corresponding event details on the Details (SW) page of the website; for those involving other parties, it is to the PDF document containing the correspondence.

The second column gives the sender and receiver of the correspondence. For events involving TPO, it also contains a link to corresponding event details on the Details (TPO) website page. The senders and receivers of the correspondence are indicated as follows:

ICMIan Clive McInnes
SWScottish Widows
TPASThe Pensions Advisory Service
TPOThe Pensions Ombudsman
TPRThe Pensions Regulator
FCAThe Financial Conduct Authority
CWPCommittee for Work & Pensions
DWPDepartment for Work & Pensions
WIXWixted & Co. Solicitors
AFAction Fraud
MPMetropolitan Police
MSEMoney Saving Expert (Online Forums)
HMRCHM Revenue & Customs
TRPLThomson Reuters Practical Law
15 Mar 2016ICM-SWSent fax to enquire on options for pension encashment.
18 Mar 2016SW-ICM
05 Apr 2016ICM-SWNightmare 1.5 hour telephone interview with Scottish Widows.
05 Apr 2016SW-ICM
11 Apr 2016ICM-SW
21 May 2016ICM-SW
16 Jun 2016SW-ICMReceived four postal items, including a letter and (changed and erroneous) form in rejection of my documents. And on this very day, Scottish Widows sent a letter terminating my application.
26 Jun 2016ICM-SW
01 Jul 2016SW-ICM
06 Jul 2016TPAS-ICM
06 Jul 2016SW-ICMReceived seven postal items, including four further requests for documents with forms. The first three of these forms was the same as that sent with the rejection letter; the fourth form was a new version similar (but not identical) to the PDF form. The last request of 1 June was sent in response to my follow-up email.
10 Jul 2016ICM-SW
13 Jul 2016SW-ICM
17 Jul 2016ICM-SW
17 Jul 2016ICM-TPAS
18 Jul 2016TPAS-ICM
24 Jul 2016ICM-TPAS
01 Aug 2016SW-ICM
04 Aug 2016SW-ICMReceived two postal items: the first (sent 16 June) closing my application; the second (sent 30 June) a copy of the email of that date requesting me to post the (now acceptable) documents.
19 Aug 2016a
19 Aug 2016b
28 Aug 2016ICM-TPO
30 Aug 2016TPO-ICM
08 Sep 2016TPAS-ICM
11 Sep 2016ICM-TPAS
15 Sep 2016SW-ICMReceived four postal items, including a follow up to the email of 1 August, and their Final Response. The latter refers me to the Financial Ombudsman Service, and encloses their leaflet. It deals mainly with the delays (for which the blame is laid squarely on the Mexican postal service), and ducks the main issue (that I legitimately cannot fulfil their "verification" requirements).
18 Sep 2016ICM-TPAS
23 Sep 2016TPAS-ICM
24 Sep 2016ICM-TPOSent application form and covering letter to TPO, by DHL Express Letter. This cost the equivalent of around £50. The alarming error in selection of post rather than email as my preferred means of communication is corrected on the form I sent (I did not get chance to rescan it first).
25 Sep 2016ICM-TPAS
26 Sep 2016TPAS-ICM
29 Sep 2016ICM-SW
29 Sep 2016ICM-TPO
30 Sep 2016TPO-ICM
04 Oct 2016TPO-ICM
10 Oct 2016SW-ICMReceived three postal items, including complaint information arising from the email of 13 July, which inappropriately refers one to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
30 Oct 2016ICM-TPO
31 Oct 2016TPO-ICM
10 Nov 2016SW-ICMOn 8/9 November received 5 telephone calls with 3 voicemail messages requesting me to call back.
10 Nov 2016ICM-TPO
23 Nov 2016TPO-ICM
23 Nov 2016ICM-SW
23 Nov 2016ICM-TPO
02 Dec 2016TPO-ICM
02 Dec 2016a
02 Dec 2016b
03 Dec 2016a
03 Dec 2016b
04 Dec 2016ICM-TPO
12 Dec 2016TPO-ICM
18 Jan 2017TPO-ICM
18 Jan 2017TPO-ICM
18 Jan 2017ICM-TPO
20 Jan 2017TPO-ICM
15 Feb 2017TPO-ICM
05 Apr 2017ICM-TPO
07 Apr 2017TPO-ICM
29 Apr 2017ICM-WIX
14 May 2017ICM-TPO
15 May 2017TPO-ICM
17 May 2017ICM-TPO
20 May 2017ICM-AF
22 May 2017a
22 May 2017b
22 May 2017TPO-ICM
24 May 2017ICM-TPO
26 May 2017TPO-ICM
10 Jun 2017a
10 Jun 2017b
13 Jun 2017TPO-ICM
14 Jun 2017ICM-TPO
15 Jun 2017TPO-ICM
22 Jun 2017AF-ICM
25 Jun 2017ICM-AF
12 Jul 2017ICM-TPO
14 Jul 2017TPO-ICM
06 Aug 2017ICM-TPO
07 Aug 2017TPO-ICM
30 Aug 2017ICM-TPO
31 Aug 2017TPO-ICM
03 Sep 2017ICM-TPO
04 Sep 2017TPO-ICM
09 Sep 2017ICM-TPO
15 Sep 2017a
15 Sep 2017b
03 Oct 2017ICM-TPO
04 Oct 2017ICM-TPO
08 Oct 2017ICM-TPO
31 Oct 2017TPO-ICM
01 Nov 2017ICM-TPO
10 Jan 2018ICM-TPO
17 Jan 2018ICM-TPR
05 Feb 2018TPR-ICM
28 Feb 2018ICM-CWP
22 Apr 2018ICM-FCA
24 Apr 2018FCA-ICM
25 Apr 2018FCA-ICM
05 May 2018ICM-CWP
10 June 2018ICM-MSE
11 Jun 2018MSE-ICM
13 Jun 2018a
13 Jun 2018b
14 Jun 2018MSE-ICM
20 Jun 2018ICM-MP
20 Jun 2018ICM-AF
04 Jul 2018a
04 Jul 2018b
04 Jul 2018c
ICM-MPMy tweet of 20 June to the Metropolitan Police had clearly been ignored. So I sent a substantial wad (87 pages) of paper to their offices in Victoria Embankment by registered post, in the hope that this would be more cogent than any electronic means.
The three documents are (a) a covering letter, (b) a report of Misconduct in Public Office against TPO, and (c) a report of Fraudulent Misconduct against SW. I also sent the report on SW to the police, since as you can see here I have been wasting my time with ActionFraud; it seems that their fob-off response is the norm (even with the clearest evidence). This national disgrace serves only the fraudsters, not their victims. But unfortunately, my experiences indicate that the law is only applied to the weak, and that certain entrenched organisations can act with impunity.I can only hope that the Metropolitan Police operate to a better standard than TPO and AF. They do not - this report was also ignored.
05 Nov 2018TPO-ICM
11 Nov 2018ICM-TPO
15 Jan 2019a
15 Jan 2019b
24 Jan 2019TPO-ICM
27 Jan 2019a
27 Jan 2019b
27 Jan 2019c
28 Jan 2019TPO-ICM
29 Jan 2019DWP
09 Feb 2019a
09 Feb 2019b
05 Mar 2019DWP
10 Feb 2019ICM-MP
22 Mar 2019a
22 Mar 2019b
22 Mar 2019c
24 Mar 2019a
24 Mar 2019b
26 Mar 2019TPO-ICM
27 Mar 2019TPO-ICM
28 Mar 2019a
28 Mar 2019b
28 Mar 2019c
05 Jun 2019DWP
06 Jun 2019ICM-HMRC
06 Jun 2019HMRC-ICM
28 Jul 2019ICM-CWP
01 Aug 2019CWP-ICM
26 Aug 2019ICM-CWP
29 Aug 2019CWP-ICM
02 Sep 2019ICM-TRPL
02 Sep 2019TRPL-ICM
07 Sep 2019ICM-DWP
09 Sep 2019DWP-ICM
11 Sep 2019TRPL-ICM
15 Sep 2019ICM-DWP
16 Sep 2019DWP-ICM
16 Sep 2019ICM-TRPL
16 Sep 2019ICM-DWP
23 Sep 2019a
23 Sep 2019b
24 Sep 2019DWP-ICM
28 Sep 2019a
28 Sep 2019b
30 Sep 2019DWP-ICM
12 Jul 2020ICM-DWP
20 Jul 2020ICM-CWP
21 Jul 2020CWP-ICM

Events involving Scottish Widows Only (Their Side)

The first column contains a link to the corresponding document, and gives its date. The second column contains a link to details in the SW Details page; for items sent by Scottish Widows, it gives the date on which the communication was received.

15 Mar 2016(ICM)Fax to enquire on options for pension encashment.
18 Mar 201618 Mar
05 Apr 2016(ICM)Telephone interview with Scottish Widows.
05 Apr 201605 Apr
05 Apr 201605 Apr
06 Apr 201616 JunConfirmation of telephone interview for policy P56879Q.
06 Apr 201606 JulConfirmation of telephone interview for policy N80803X.
06 Apr 201606 JulRequest for documents for policy N80803X, comprising letter plus form. However this paper form is quite different from the PDF equivalent, and contains conspicuous errors. Both specifications affecting me have changed. The printout is badly paginated. It now seems that this version (which I denote Mk I) is older than the PDF - perhaps it is from a stock of preprinted copies.
06 Apr 201606 JulLetter and form identical to the above, but for policy P56879Q.
11 Apr 2016(ICM)
14 Apr 201616 JunLetter in rejection of my documents, with another Mk I form (this time properly paginated).
21 May 2016(ICM)
24 May 201606 JulRequest for documents for policy P56879Q with another Mk I form, identical to that sent on 14 April, but occupying two more pages.
26 May 201610 OctRequest for documents for policy P56879Q, identical to the above except for having the previous pagination.
01 Jun 201606 JulRequest for documents for policy N80803X, referring to my follow-up email. But this has both a different letter (now apparently requiring original documents as well as certified ones) and a Mk II form (similar but not identical to the PDF version).
16 Jun 201604 AugLetter closing my application, as my documentation was inadequate and I had not responded to their requests for further information. This was sent just 15 days after the above response to my follow-up email; so their allowed response time of 14 days must include post both ways, and is rigidly enforced. And the fact that they had recently received this follow-up email discredits their statement we must assume that you do not wish to proceed with this claim.
26 Jun 2016(ICM)
27 Jun 201601 Jul
30 Jun 201601 Jul Sent after telephoning me without success.
30 Jun 201604 AugPostal version of the above.
10 Jul 2016(ICM)
13 Jul 201613 Jul
15 Jul 201615 Jul
15 Jul 201610 OctLetter from the same source containing complaint information (inappropriately referring me to the Financial Ombudsman Service).
17 Jul 2016(ICM)
01 Aug 201601 Aug
22 Aug 201615 SepFollow-up letter to the above (which did not appear to need a reply).
24 Aug 201615 SepFinal response, again referring to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This ignores the main issue and reasserts their original verification requirements, blaming the poor communication on the Mexican postal service. Again, only telephone is offered for any follow up.
29 Sep 2016(ICM)
10 Nov 201610 NovOn 8/9 November received 5 telephone calls with 3 voicemail messages requesting me to call back.
23 Nov 2016(ICM)